A Stump Grinder Vs. Pulling A Stump Out

When you cut down a tree in your yard, you are left with the stump. For the health of your yard and your family, you should remove the stump. While some people might recommend pulling the stump out, you can get better results by using a stump grinder.

Reasons to Remove a Stump

Stumps can cause problems for your yard in a few different ways: 1) Some trees will send up shoots which can then grow into an unsightly jumble. If you cut the first bunch of shoots back, you can be sure that a new bunch of shoots will take their place. 2) When a stump dies, it will start to rot, which will look bad and and smell worse. 3) A rotting tree stump can attract wasps, termites, and other insects, which can then use the stump as a staging ground for invading your house. The insects can also bite children, pets, and/or anyone else who tries to make use of your yard. 

Problems with Pulling a Stump

Before you can pull a stump, you have to dig up the root base and cut the largest roots so that they don't prevent you from being able to pull up your stump. Digging up and chopping through roots is as exactly as much work as it sound like. Even after you have dug up your stump, you still have to pull it out. If you don't have a heavy enough chain, it can break and whip around dangerously. If the stump doesn't break, you might also do damage to your truck. Finally, if you are successful in pulling the stump, you have a huge hole to deal with. 

The Advantages of a Stump Grinder

A stump grinder is a machine that can be used to grind away at a tree stump until all of the stump within four inches of the surface is completely gone. You can use the mulch thus created for compost or for decorating flower beds. Once you cover up the stump with top soil, you can replant your lawn and all signs of the tree stump are erased. 

To save yourself time and the risk of damage to your property and injury to yourself, you should rent a stump grinder. They are easy enough to use, but unless you have multiple stumps to grind, you should try to team up with a neighbor who also has a stump to grind to help defray the cost. 

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