Four Tips For Milling Your Own Lumber With Tree Removal Waste

If you need a tree removed and like to work with wood or would like to have lumber available for projects, milling your own lumber can be rewarding. There are many ways that you can mill materials from tree waste, and even save on costs during removal. If you want to mill lumber with your tree waste, here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Hewing Posts With An Axe For Raw Timbers

If you want to have large timbers for things like landscaping design, hewing logs can be a good choice. This is something that can easily be done with an axe. The process involves creating four even sides with an axe to make the timber square. If you want to speed-up the process, you can use a chainsaw to make cuts and use the axe to chip out the wood.

2. Using Chainsaw Mills To Create Lumber Materials

You may want to have more than just large timbers, which will require more work than just hewing the logs. A chainsaw mill can be used to cut logs into lumber of various sizes. Using a chainsaw will give you lumber with rough dimensions, which you can clean up later to use for almost any project you want. When using a chainsaw mill, cut boards a little bigger to leave room to make more accurate cuts later.

3. Using A Table Saw Jig To Create Different Sizes Of Materials

You can also use a table saw with a jig or guide to cut lumber materials. This can be good for smaller timbers and cutting wood after it has been milled with a chainsaw. A table saw will give your more accurate cuts, but you will be limited to the size of the blade of your saw. When you mill with the chainsaw, you can cut timbers just large enough to cut them down with a table saw.

4. Storing And Seasoning The Finished Product To Use In Your Projects

Once you have milled your lumber, you will need to store it and let it dry. The drying process is called seasoning. You will want to store lumber in a dry shed or shop and stack it with slats in between the pieces. The space between boards will prevent fungus and allow boards to dry quickly and evenly. The lumber will be ready to use in a few months or year. If you have dry weather, the wood may dry and be ready to use sooner.

These are some tips to help you get started with milling lumber from tree waste. If you have large trees that are a hazard, contact a tree service to have them cut down and talk with them about leaving them in lengths that you can easily mill for lumber.

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