2 Benefits Of Having Your Tree Stump Ground Versus Removed

After having an old or diseased tree in your yard cut down, you probably have its stump sticking up out the ground, leading you to ponder whether or not you should have it removed. However, before you set up its removal, consider the following benefits of having a service grind it down instead.

1.  Smooth Surface Instead of a Gaping Hole

When you have a tree stump removed, the workers have to dig around the stump as deeply as possible to ensure that all of the major roots are taken out as well. However, when they are finished pulling the stump out, you are left with a large, gaping hole in your yard that you then have to contend with.

However, when you have a grinding service take care of the stump, there is no hole to worry about. Instead, the service uses a large grinder that slowly cuts the stump from the top until it is even with the ground. And, if there are any roots sticking up out of the ground, these are ground as well.

Instead of a gaping hole, the area is left with a smooth, even surface after the shavings from the stump are cleaned up. And, as an extra bonus, you can opt to keep these shavings for use as mulch around your property.

2.  Growth and Structures Around the Stump Is Not Disturbed

Another problem with having your stump removed instead of ground is that the roots are pulled during the process. Even if the workers are careful to completely cut the roots around the trunk, the ground will still heave up while the stump is removed, disturbing anything else you have growing around the old tree.

Also, stump removal can become an issue if the old tree was located near the foundation of your home, garage, or shed. Removing the stump could damage the structures, costing you a lot of money in repair bills.

However, if you decide to have your stump ground down instead of removed, the soil around the stump is not disturbed. While the grinding is taking place, you do not have to worry about any other trees or flowers, as well as worry about damaging your property's structures.

After considering the benefits of having your old tree stump ground down instead of having it removed, you may be ready to have the job done. If so, contact tree stump grinding services like Absolute Tree and Stump Inc for more information.