Winter Is Coming: Why Now Is The Time To Contact A Tree Trimming Service

Winter is almost here. If you're like most people, you might think it's time to take tree care off the maintenance list. That's not the case though. Trees need year-round care to ensure healthy growth. Winter care also helps prevent damage caused by ice and snowpacks. If you're not sure why your trees need care during the winter, read the list below. Here are four reasons to get your trees trimmed during the winter.  

Increase Sun Exposure

During the winter, there's not a lot of sunlight to go around. Unfortunately, trees need sunlight for proper nutrient absorption. That's where winter tree trimming comes into the picture. Trimming your trees during the winter thins the canopy. Once the canopy gets thinned, more sunlight can get absorbed into the trees. As an added benefit, trimming your trees during the winter can let sunlight get through to your plants and lawn, too. 

Ensure Weather Prep

Once winter arrives, you need to worry about harsh weather. That's especially true if you haven't had your trees trimmed yet. During the winter, your trees can get weighed down by ice and snow. Unfortunately, winter weather can undermine the strength and stability of your trees. That means snowpacks and ice can cause those weakened limbs to break under the pressure. You can reduce that risk by trimming your trees before ice and snow become a problem. 

Reduce Disease Risk

When you have trees, you need to watch for disease. There are a variety of diseases that can harm your trees. Trimming your trees during spring and summer can increase the risk of disease exposure. That's because the open wound is exposed to more warm moisture during the spring and summer. Plus, insects are more active during the warmer months. That's where winter tree trimming comes into the picture. Winter tree trimming gives the wounds time to heal before warmer weather sets in. That way, diseases don't have time to harm your trees. 

Improve Tree Growth

During the winter, your trees will go into a dormant phase. Once your trees enter dormancy, there won't be any new growth until spring. But if there's damage to the limbs, your trees won't grow as well once the weather warms up. Removing overgrowth can help improve tree growth. That's because there's less stress on your trees. 

Give your trees the boost they need. Reach out to a tree trimming service near you.