Remove A Sapling From Its Current Location And Replant It In Your New Yard

If you are moving to a new location and would like to bring one of your favorite saplings with you, learn how to safely remove and transport it with the following steps. Once you arrive at your new address, plant the sapling and care for it so that it grows to be a tall and healthy tree. 


  • garden shovel
  • vinyl tarp
  • burlap
  • water hose
  • twine
  • scissors
  • garden tiller
  • topsoil
  • mulch

Remove The Sapling And Wrap Its Roots

Use a large shovel to loosen and remove the soil around the base of the sapling. Be careful as you complete this step so that you do not accidentally damage any of the sapling's roots. Removing small amounts of dirt at a time will provide you with the best results. Test the stability of the sapling's trunk. Once it feels loose, grasp it with both hands and pull it upwards.

Lay the sapling on top of a vinyl tarp. Use a water hose to soak a piece of burlap that is large enough to wrap around the sapling's roots. Place the roots on top of the burlap. Pull the corners of the material together and secure them with a couple pieces of twine. The wet burlap will prevent the roots from drying out as you are transporting the sapling to your new piece of property.

Plant The Sapling In Its New Location

Place the sapling in the back of a pickup truck or on a flat bed before transporting it. Once you arrive at the new address, locate an open area that receives plenty of sunlight. Move a garden tiller back and forth over the chosen area to remove grass and weeds. Dig a hole that is deep and wide enough to hold the sapling's roots. Place the roots in the hole and cover them with soil. Use the back of a shovel to level out the soil so that it is even with the rest of your property.

Water the base of the sapling with a hose. Place a thin layer of mulch around the sapling's trunk. The mulch will add a decorative touch to your property and will help the soil retain moisture. Continue watering the sapling a couple times each week. Within a couple months, you will notice the sapling getting bigger. Continue to care for the sapling so that one day it grows into a tall, attractive tree. If you need help with pruning or trimming your trees, visit a tree service like Kansas City Tree Care, LLC.