Four Tips To Help You Make Usable Lumber Out Of Your Tree Removal Debris

One of the major cost when having a tree removal done is the disposal of the waste. This is why many people try to find ways to reuse the materials for resources, such as firewood, ground cover, and usable lumber. There are many ways that you can make lumber out of the large materials, and tricks to getting it the size you want. Here are some tips to help you make usable lumber out of your tree removal waste:

1. Cutting The Timber Down To Manageable Sizes

The timber that comes from your removal can be large and difficult to manage. One of the first things you may want to do is cut it into manageable sizes. Consider what you may be using the wood for and try to make the lengths long enough. If you need beams or posts, you will want to have some pieces that are long enough for these things.

2. Rough Hewn Logs For Timbers For Landscaping And Outdoor Use

Hewing the logs is the process of making them have square edges. The first step will be to remove the bark. You can use a chainsaw to make cuts in the log and an axe to remove the round edges. Use a small level to mark a straight line on the end of the log to give you a visual guide to reference when squaring the edges of the log.

3. Using An Alaskan Sawmill To Cut Dimensional Lumber

If you want to make different dimensional lumber, you may want to have a mill. Large mills can be expensive, but there are Alaskan chainsaw mills. These are guides that attach to the bar of a chainsaw and make milling lumber an easy chore. If you are going to use a chainsaw mill, you will need to have a larger chainsaw and longer bar to handle this type of work.

4. Drying And Treating Lumber To Make It Last For Years To Come

Once you have the lumber cut to different sizes, you will want to cure it and treat it. To dry the lumber, stack it in a dry area and leave it to dry naturally for a year or more. To treat lumber, you can coat it with an oil treatment to protect it from the elements. If you are going to be using lumber outdoors, you will want to use a sealant and exterior treatment for the wood.

These are some tips to help you make usable lumber out of your tree removal waste. If you have hazardous trees that need to be removed, contact a tree service to cut them down so you can start cutting them into lumber.