3 Signs Trees Are Destroying Your Home

At first glance, trees look charming and elegant in your yard. But those seemingly attractive trees you always water, fertilize, and prune could be wreaking havoc on your property. In their quest for water, tree roots can cause irreparable damage to your home. Your best chance to prevent trees from damaging your home is to hire tree-cutting experts who can assess your trees and eliminate destructive ones. But how can you tell trees are destroying your home? Here are the three top signs trees are destroying your home.

1. Cracks in Your House

Just like other parts of the trees, roots develop and thicken with time. And when they do, they can lift your pavements and grow beneath the house, causing its foundations to crack. Also, as roots suck moisture from the soil on which your house sits, the ground may shrink. As a result, your foundation may settle, leading to cracks. If your foundation is compromised, you may see cracks on your walls and floors. Your windows may also shatter mysteriously. And your doors may stick. A tree cutting company can help eliminate the trees causing the damage to avoid more costly repairs.

2. Drain Blockages

Tree roots are always on the lookout for water and nutrients to help the tree grow. Your drain pipes have plenty of what the trees need to grow. The tree roots encroach on drainpipes and penetrate them to get all the food and water they can. While this nourishes your trees, it can clog your drains. A clogged drain is a perfect recipe for backups, foul smells, and water damage. You can seek drain pipe repair services, but will it prevent the roots from causing damage? The best way to address this is to seek tree-cutting services to solve the problems for good.

3. Concrete Cracks

Roots spread everywhere in search of water, including under your driveway, walkways, patio, or footpaths. With time, these roots will expand causing the concrete to warp, buckle or crack. So if your driveways are cracked or warped, the trees in your yard may be the main culprit. Generally, cracks on your home exterior expose your family to trip and fall injuries. Be sure to have them repaired and call tree cutting services to prevent future damage.

If you have noted any of the signs, do not ignore them. The longer you wait to contact tree cutting services, the more the trees will continue destroying your home. Tree cutting services have the knowledge and tools to eliminate unwanted trees and stop property damage effectively. A business like Justin's Tree Service has more information.