You May Need Emergency Tree Service When A Storm Knocks Down Your Tree

Storms can be hard on trees when you least expect it. The trees in your yard may survive bad storms for years and then one may suddenly fall in high winds or excessive rain. Unless a storm knocks a tree down so it lands entirely in your yard without harming anything, you may need emergency tree service when the storm is over. If the tree falls in your street or on your house, you'll want the tree removed as fast as possible. Here's a look at removing a downed tree in an emergency.

Determine If You're Dealing With An Emergency

It may be inconvenient to have a tree in your yard, but you may not have an emergency unless the tree is blocking the street or causing some other hazard. After a storm, many homes may be dealing with the same problem, and a tree service may prioritize their jobs so they can deal with emergency situations first.

Call a tree removal company and let them know about your situation and ask for help as soon as you can get it. The company will know if you need emergency tree service, and if so, you may go to the top of the waiting list.

Let The Tree Service Cut Up The Tree

Removing a tree that's already down could be a quick job. The tree removal company can use chain saws to cut the tree into chunks that they can stack in your yard out of the way. They might bring a mulching machine to chew up small branches to get rid of the bushy debris.

The goal is to get the tree out of the street and to eliminate safety hazards, but the crew also has to work safely. If the tree is tangled in power lines, they may need to wait on the power company before going to work.

Wait To Have The Debris Removed

While getting a downed tree out of the street is considered an emergency tree service, removing the tree debris from your yard may not be. Unless the tree care company brought a truck to haul away the debris, the chunks of the tree trunk may need to stay in your yard for a while.

It's common for a tree company to come back later to deal with the debris and to grind away a stump, and when there are many emergencies in your neighborhood, it might be a few days before the pieces of tree are picked up and removed.