Be Sure You Know What Extras A Land-Clearing Company Will Provide

Land clearing removes the old brush, dead trees, boulders, and other features that can interfere with construction or otherwise cause problems. It's an important step in getting the land ready for new landscaping or construction and plays a vital role in protecting structures from brush fires. When you look for a land-clearing company, you'll find that some include more services than others. Because you always want to know what to expect to get when you hire someone to do land clearing, make sure you ask about those extras.

Is Stump Removal Included?

If you're having trees cut down as part of the land clearing, will the company automatically remove the stump, or is that treated as a separate service? Be sure you find out as the two could be separate services or the stump clearing could be automatically included in the price of the tree removal. The hole left by the stump could require additional services, too, like filling the hole back up with soil or mulch. You want to get a good idea of what their version of "tree removal" includes in the price and whether there are additional services you might need to add on.

How Deep Down Will They Clear?

Land clearing typically involves the surface and a few inches down (to get at tree and shrub roots). However, a lot of property has very rocky soil, the type where you can dig down a foot or two and find so many rocks that installing something like a fence post seems nearly impossible. Sometimes land-clearing companies will clear away this soil to a certain depth, but you can't assume the company you are considering will do so. You need to ask and find out what they can do to remove the rocks encased in the soil. You may have to hire two different companies, if you like this one for the surface clearing but decide a different company would be better at removing the rocks.

Do They Include Free Mulch or Timber-Cutting?

When trees are removed, the tree itself is usually mulched. That's a fairly common destiny for any trees that land-clearing companies end up with because mulch is a lot easier to transport than a whole tree. Some companies will leave that mulch with you; it's a handy material for filling in the hole left by the tree stump. Others will take the mulch unless you request to keep it. Some will go further, actually cutting the tree up for timber if you prefer.

If you need land cleared, start speaking with land clearing services now. Find out what each service really includes to ensure you end up with the most cost-effective options.