Everything You Need To Know About Getting The Right Tree Removal Permits

Very few people know the process they should follow when cutting down a tree. Most homeowners assume that since they own the property, they have a right to do what they want with the landscaping. However, certain trees have protection from the government and environmental agencies. Removing them without approval can lead to legal complications. You should consult arborists and other professionals about tree removal and find out if you need permits. Here is everything you need to know about getting tree removal permits from the municipal council. 

Finding Out If The Species Has Protection

If you found certain trees on your property when you bought it, you might not know whether they are protected or not. Removing some species can have consequences, and only an arborist can assess the tree to tell whether it belongs to the protected category. If they confirm, they will also know the right channel to follow in getting the permit. 

Reasons To Remove a Protected Tree

The municipal will ask for a viable reason to remove your tree. Some reasons include when the tree is sick or infested with pests. If an arborist assesses the tree, they might discover it cannot get back in shape. If they believe the tree will not improve, they will help you get a removal permit for it. They might also recommend the removal of a leaning tree or when the tree has cracks on the trunk. Also, they could recommend the removal of a large tree from the protected species when the roots are encroaching and destroying the building. The professional will know how to make an application that will get fast approval. 

Preparing The Right Documents to Apply For The Permit

The municipal council and environmental authorities might need certain documents to get permit approval. First, you might need a site plan. The plan shows the location of the tree and everything surrounding it. It could include details like a driveway, permanent buildings, and other structures on the property. You will also need an arborist's report and other related documents to get approval from the authorities. Let the professionals put together these documents to simplify the process.

Getting a permit is a crucial first step if you want to remove an endangered tree species. Consult a tree removal expert and get the needed help to remove what could be dangerous or unwanted without causing damage and liabilities. 

For more information about tree removal, contact a local company.