2 Important Reasons To Get Deadwooding Tree Trimming Services

Homeowners who have trees on their properties need to be aware of the importance of tree trimming and pruning services. Some individuals mistakenly think that these services are only beneficial to mature trees. However, there are trimming services such as pollarding that benefit young trees and can promote health and growth. Mature trees require special attention to preserve their health. There are several things that can cause disease and death to mature trees.

Deadwooding is a type of tree trimming that involves removing dead branches. If the branches are not trimmed, there is a risk of them breaking off. Large branches that fall off can injure humans and pets. There is also a risk of damage to vehicles or homes. The following points identify a few benefits homeowners can expect from deadwooding tree services.

Prevent Insurance Claims

Mature trees that have dead branches may create a need to file insurance claims. Large branches may cause damage to roofing materials, patios, vehicles, or bodily injuries. This usually means that insurance claims will need to be filed. Homeowners will need to pay their deductibles, and that expense is likely to be more than the cost of getting tree trimming or pruning services. A future expense for not getting tree services is that the premiums for the policy might increase due to the claim being filed.  

Preserve Tree Health

Dead branches may put the health of an entire tree in jeopardy because the decay will likely spread if it is not trimmed away. During a deadwood service, tree specialists inspect trees to determine if the branches are dying because of the tree's natural lifecycle or if pests, disease, or fungi are the cause.

Homeowners should not use their own observations to determine if their trees are at risk of death. Fungi are a common threat to trees. The fungal growth can start at the roots, and homeowners likely will not know their trees are infected until they see signs on the bark of the tree trunk.

Pest infestation and infections that occur in high branches will also be undetectable initially. Routine tree inspections are necessary to prevent these causes of decay, and timely deadwooding services can stop the decay from spreading.

There might also be nutritional factors if the crown of a tree is crowded and impeding sunlight to certain portions of the tree. If this is noted, trimming services to the crown will improve air circulation and the amount of sunlight that travels through.

To learn more about deadwooding and other types of tree trimming, reach out to a company like Sal's Landscape & Tree Service.