6 Ways That A Tree Care Service Can Help Your Sick Tree

Sick trees can recover, just as sick humans or animals can. But they sometimes need assistance to recover. No matter how sick your tree is, with the right care, it can often recover. By hiring a tree service, you can help your tree to recover from sickness or trauma.

Here are some of the most important tree care tasks a tree care service can do for you.

1. Diagnosis

The first step of tree care is diagnosis. Only a trained tree care specialist can accurately determine why your tree is sick. A tree care specialist will examine your tree to identify diseases or pests. The specialist may also check the surrounding area for other causes, such as lack of space for the root system.

2. Removal of dead or diseased branches

If one or more branches are diseased, these branches need to be removed. A tree care professional can remove diseased branches safely. This will stop the spread of disease. Removing dead branches removes pests and prevents future pest infestations.

3. Application of pesticide

As well as removing infested branches, tree care professionals can also apply pesticides to a tree to kill pests and prevent pests from returning in the near future.

4. Fertilization of soil

If your tree has fallen sick because the soil around it is low in nutrients, fertilization can help to revitalize the soil. Once fertilized, the soil will have sufficient nutrients to help your tree grow healthier and stronger.

5. Branch removal to allow more sunlight through

When a tree has a very thick canopy, sunlight may not be able to reach the lower branches. This affects the tree's ability to create food from photosynthesis. A lack of sunlight also promotes pest infestation. A tree care professional can trim your tree's branches to allow better sunlight penetration.

6. Cabling and bracing

If your tree has a weak structure, a storm could cause it to break or topple. This would harm both your tree and you and your home. Cabling and bracing can provide support and stability for trees with weak or awkward structures.

Even if your tree is sick, you can still save it with the right care. Find and hire a professional tree care service so that you can give your tree the professional care it needs to recover from sickness. If you save your tree from dying, you'll also save the money that you might need to spend on removing a dead and dangerous tree from your property in the future.

Contact a tree care service for more information.