Six Things You Shouldn't Assume About Mulching Services

Mulching services are important if you want to keep your yard and landscaping in the best possible shape. That's why you need to have accurate information about mulching. The following are six things that homeowners shouldn't assume when it comes to mulching services. 

Your Mulching Service Should Put Down as Much Mulch as Possible

A certain amount of mulch is beneficial. At the same time, too much mulch can create problems. That's why it's not true that your mulching service should put down as much mulch as possible.

Putting down the right amount of mulch can provide nutrients to flower beds. Too much mulch can suffocate plants and increase the likelihood that mold growth takes root. That's why the use of mulch needs to be limited to an optimum amount by your mulching service. 

Mulching Services Will Cause Termite Infestations

There is a common misconception out there that mulch attracts termites. A professional mulching service will know how to put mulch down in such a way that it will not attract termites or any other pests. Mulching services will spread mulch beds far enough away from a home's foundation so that insect pests will not be attracted to the home. 

Mulching Services Always Use the Same Type of Mulch

The best type of mulch for your property depends on a variety of factors including the climate you live in and the plants you grow in your flowerbeds. With professional mulching services, you can rest assured that the mulch type that's put down in your flowerbeds will be ideal for your unique landscape. 

Mulching Services Will Put Your Pets at Risk

Some people think that pets like dogs are put at risk by mulch because they tend to eat mulch and other materials in a home's yard. Fortunately, cocoa bean mulch is the only type of mulch that could potentially be harmful to pets.

If you let your mulching service know that you have pets on your property, they will put down a mulch variety that doesn't pose any risks to pet health. 

Mulching Services Aren’t Good for Plants You Have Growing in Your Yard

Homeowners often forego mulching services because they think that mulch will harm their plants by removing needed nitrogen from the soil. However, mulch only reduces nitrogen levels when it is mixed in with the soil rather than simply laid on top.

Mulching services will know to only put a layer of mulch on top of your soil so that your plants have access to all the nitrogen they need. 

It’s Best to Spread Mulch by Yourself

Spreading your own mulch takes up a lot of your time. You also won't be able to do as good a job as a professional mulching service can do. Mulching is best left to the professionals. 

Reach out to local mulching services to learn more.