Three Ideas For Stump Removal

Whenever you have a stump in your yard, it can quickly become an eyesore and a hindrance. You'll want to do your best to remove this stump quickly and efficiently, so that you're not letting it get out of hand and become a nuisance. To learn a bit more about how you can get rid of these stumps without an issue, read below and follow these suggestions.  #1: Know why getting rid of a stump is so critical [Read More]

How To Remove A Tree Stump When You Don't Have A Grinder

If you have access to a stump grinder, then removing a tree stump is pretty simple. But what if you don't have one of these machines or don't feel comfortable using one? You're not doomed to live with that tree stump in your yard until it rots away 15 years from now. Here's an alternative stump removal method that relies on just a few simple supplies. You'll need: A large container of potassium nitrate (this is often sold as stump removing compound at landscaping stores) A standard drill with large bits Gloves Plenty of water -- preferably warm A shovel or trowel Some topsoil Grass seed This process will take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months depending on the size of your stump and how long it has already been sitting. [Read More]

Five Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cutting A Large Branch Off A Tree

If you need to remove a large branch from one of your trees, you need to do it carefully to ensure you don't damage the tree. There are key things you should avoid during this process. Here's a look at the five most common errors: 1. Forgetting the Notch To ensure you make a clean cut, you shouldn't cut off the whole branch at once. Instead, you should start by making a notch in the branch about an arm's length from the tree trunk. [Read More]

Understanding Dutch Elm Disease

Elms are among the most beloved shade trees, prized for their elegance, stability, and long lifespans. Unfortunately, the lives of many elm trees have been cut short in recent years by Dutch elm disease. If you have elm trees on your property, and would like to improve your understanding of this menacing threat, read on. This article will help to catch you up with everything you should know about Dutch elm disease. [Read More]