Do You Have To Remove A Tree That Has Fire Blight?

Fire blight is a bacterial disease that can severely damage trees, and it can even kill a tree if it's left untreated. It causes a tree's leaves to look like they've been burnt — they turn brown, dry out, and curl up. Fire blight also causes brown cankers to form on a tree's limbs, which are large collections of the bacteria that cause fire blight. The bacteria survive in the cankers over the winter, and they'll start attacking the tree again when it begins to grow in the spring. [Read More]

4 Reasons You Should Not Ignore Tree Trimming Services

Having trees in your yard can benefit you in various ways. First, if you grow fruit trees, you are sure that you will always have a supply of fruits. Also, having trees on your property makes the place look nice and provides shade. However, neglecting your trees may cause more harm than good. Learn four reasons why tree trimming is an important maintenance service that you should not ignore. 1. Promote Tree Growth [Read More]

3 Signs Trees Are Destroying Your Home

At first glance, trees look charming and elegant in your yard. But those seemingly attractive trees you always water, fertilize, and prune could be wreaking havoc on your property. In their quest for water, tree roots can cause irreparable damage to your home. Your best chance to prevent trees from damaging your home is to hire tree-cutting experts who can assess your trees and eliminate destructive ones. But how can you tell trees are destroying your home? [Read More]

You May Need Emergency Tree Service When A Storm Knocks Down Your Tree

Storms can be hard on trees when you least expect it. The trees in your yard may survive bad storms for years and then one may suddenly fall in high winds or excessive rain. Unless a storm knocks a tree down so it lands entirely in your yard without harming anything, you may need emergency tree service when the storm is over. If the tree falls in your street or on your house, you'll want the tree removed as fast as possible. [Read More]