3 Must-Have Tools You Need For DIY Tree Pruning And Trimming

If you want to dabble in a bit of DIY tree pruning and trimming, you need the right tools for the job. Although it might be expensive to have the same tools as a tree service company, there are a few indispensable tools that will make your work easier. These three will make a good start: Hand Pruners Pruning shears are used for cutting hard branches of trees and shrubs. They are available in these three major types: [Read More]

Two Fungal Diseases That Can Affect Your Maple Tree!

If you're like most homeowners who have chosen to plant one or more maple trees on your property, part of the appeal of this species is its trademark bright yellow, gold, orange, and red autumn foliage color. Another good reason to plant maple trees is their relative resistance to common plant diseases, pests, and pathogens. However, maple trees sometimes fall victim to certain disorders that may require the services of a professionally trained arborist. [Read More]

Tree Diseases That Can Affect The Longleaf Pine

Longleaf pine trees are an interesting alternative to a more standard type of pine tree. The longleaf gets its name from the extremely long, twisted bundles of needles that hang from the tree's reddened brown bark. Longleaf pines do well in sandy or clay soils to the point that the longleaf is the state tree of Alabama. The longleaf is also on the decline in the United States so if you have longleaf(s) on your property, you should try to preserve the tree as well as possible. [Read More]

Four Common Pruning Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them

Many homeowners aim to save money by pruning their own trees rather than hiring a tree service. While effective home tree pruning is possible, there are a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid should you choose to go this route. Clipping branches too close to the trunk. Many homeowners think that the closer to the trunk they cut a branch, the neater it will look. Unfortunately, cutting too close to the trunk is bad for your tree. [Read More]