Four Common Pruning Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them

Many homeowners aim to save money by pruning their own trees rather than hiring a tree service. While effective home tree pruning is possible, there are a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid should you choose to go this route. Clipping branches too close to the trunk. Many homeowners think that the closer to the trunk they cut a branch, the neater it will look. Unfortunately, cutting too close to the trunk is bad for your tree. [Read More]

Four Tips For Milling Your Own Lumber With Tree Removal Waste

If you need a tree removed and like to work with wood or would like to have lumber available for projects, milling your own lumber can be rewarding. There are many ways that you can mill materials from tree waste, and even save on costs during removal. If you want to mill lumber with your tree waste, here are some tips to help you get started: 1. Hewing Posts With An Axe For Raw Timbers [Read More]

Disease And Insect Threats To A Yellow Birch – And How A Tree Service Can Help Prevent Further Damage

The yellow birch is a large, rounded, hardwood tree with thin yellow-brown bark and serrated leaves that are glossy green in summer and turn a bold gold in the fall. If you have a large property and are looking for a beautiful bit of autumnal color, then a yellow birch might be the perfect addition to your yard. Tree ownership involves understanding the upkeep involved with a certain type of tree, which includes understanding what diseases and insects pose threats. [Read More]

Tree Diseases Of The Bigtooth Aspen – And How To Prevent Further Damage Upon Infection

Bigtooth aspen trees are mid-sized with furrowed, yellow-brown bark; stout rounded twigs with a downy texture; and distinctive alternating leaves that have a toothed or grooved edge. The bigtooth aspen grows in difficult soils such as clay or rock and thus can be a welcome addition to a yard – or section of yard – where you would have trouble growing another tree for a bit of greenery. If you do opt to plant a bigtooth aspen, know that you will need to conduct some maintenance – or hire a tree services company to conduct the maintenance for you. [Read More]