Tips For Pruning Your Tree

It's important to prune any trees that you might have on your property in order to keep them within the bounds of your property and to make sure that the branches are not overextending their weight limit. However, it is very easy to over-prune a tree and accidentally harm it. Here are some tips for pruning your tree in order to reduce the chances that you accidentally hurt it. 1. Look for Dying or Swollen Branches [Read More]

A Stump Grinder Vs. Pulling A Stump Out

When you cut down a tree in your yard, you are left with the stump. For the health of your yard and your family, you should remove the stump. While some people might recommend pulling the stump out, you can get better results by using a stump grinder. Reasons to Remove a Stump Stumps can cause problems for your yard in a few different ways: 1) Some trees will send up shoots which can then grow into an unsightly jumble. [Read More]

Three Ways To Revive A Sparsely Blooming Crabapple Tree

Are the flowers on your crabapple tree starting to look a bit sparse? This is a sign that your tree is demanding a bit of care. Crabapples, when healthy, should be completely covered in blooms in the spring. Here are three ways to boost your tree's health and improve its blooming for the next season. Give it a good trim. If your crabapple has a lot of older, dead branches, these may be " [Read More]

Three Creative Things To Do With A Tree Stump

A dead tree in your yard can be a hazard. This is why it is important to cut down trees before wind and decay brings it down. The only problem is that a tree stump from a removed tree can be an unattractive obstacle. Fortunately, there many decorative options that can turn an old stump into a useful and beautiful addition to the yard. Create a Planter Making a planter out of an old stump is one of the easiest and simplest ways to deal with it. [Read More]