4 Signs You Need Tree Removal Services

Trees bring beauty and shade to your yard. An attractive yard enhances curb appeal and gives your home a charming and inviting look. And an impeccable yard makes an alluring first impression on your guests who may be visiting your home for the first time.

Keeping your yard healthy and safe requires the periodic removal of unsafe and unsightly trees. But knowing when to remove trees can be difficult if you are not a tree specialist. For this reason, this article will highlight four signs you may need to call a tree removal service.

1. Dead Trees

Spotting dead trees is the most obvious reason you need tree removals services. But unfortunately, dead trees can do more than make your yard dull and unsightly. Yes, they could fall on your home and cause irreparable damage or life-ending injuries. Worse still, dead trees act as good breeding grounds for termites and ants.

These pests may attack and wreak havoc on other trees or even invade your home and destroy your properties. Therefore, don't leave dead trees unattended. Instead, contact a tree removal service and have them removed right away.

2. Leaning Trees

While naturally leaning trees may be attractive, trees that suddenly lean close to your home are neither appealing nor safe. The leaning trees could be infected and dying.

You do not want to leave a dying tree unattended. It is just a matter of time until it falls over and causes costly property damage or even injuries. Time is ticking, so seek tree removal services before the worst happens.

3. Damaged Trees

Storms and earthquakes can take a toll on your trees, making them break, split, lean, or lose some branches. After a storm or an earthquake, you need to assess your trees thoroughly and call specialists if they are damaged. Are the major limbs lost or damaged? Did they lose more than half of their branches?

If the damaged trees are beyond saving, do not hesitate to call tree removal services. Experts will remove all damaged trees to make sure your home is safe.

4. Cavities in the Trunks

Have you noticed holes in your tree trunks? These are tree cavities due to decays. Note that a decaying tree may not be as strong as before the decay started. The tree may even be weaker if the cavity is large and close to its bottom.

Schedule cavity inspection with reputable tree removal experts if you see cavities on your trees. They will assess the extent of decay and determine whether the tree should be removed or not.

Tree removal can make your home more beautiful and safe. If you see any of the above signs that indicate you need tree removal services, get in touch with certified and insured tree removal professionals.

For more information on tree removal, contact a professional near you.