A Landscape Maintenance Service Keeps Your Trees And Property Healthy And Beautiful

When your business is on a large lot with trees, flowers, plants, and grass, you'll have a lot of landscape maintenance responsibilities. A groomed lot reflects well on your company, so you may need a landscaping service to come regularly to mow and tend to flowers. One thing you don't want to overlook is tree maintenance. Controlling tree growth is important when you deal with the public because trees can become nuisances if left to grow naturally. Here are some tree maintenance tasks you may want the landscape service to do regularly.

Trim Away The Lowest Branches

Trees with branches that hang too low are annoying to your clients and visitors. Branches might get tangled in hair or even scratch someone's face. Branches could even scratch a car or block a driver's view when pulling into the street. You'll want lower branches trimmed away so they don't pose any danger to people or cars. In addition, if you have trees near your building, you'll want those kept trimmed too, or they may scrape the roof when the wind blows and cause damage.

Thin Trees With Thick Growth

Sometimes, trees grow so thick that the sun can't filter through the leaves. This might affect the health of the tree, and it can also make it difficult for grass to grow. When the canopy is too thick, there could be bare soil spots under the tree that are ugly. If the canopy keeps the area in shade all the time, then algae or mold could grow on concrete sidewalks and cause a musty odor on your property. A landscape service can solve these problems by thinning out the canopy so more light can filter through to the ground. This improves the appearance of the tree, and it allows sunlight to reach the bottom of the tree so it stays healthy.

Prune Back Wild Growth

Wild trees are beautiful in nature, but when you have trees on a commercial property, you probably want to control their growth so they are their most attractive. This might involve regular pruning of new growth and wild growth so the tree maintains a desired shape as it grows. Plus, cutting off new growth is much easier when the branches are small. If you wait too long, it may be more costly and dangerous to shape the tree.

Regular tree maintenance keeps the trees on your property healthy so you don't have to deal with bare canopies and dying trees. Flowering trees will be more beautiful, and healthy trees will support a healthy lawn and landscape. The good thing about maintaining trees is that it doesn't have to be done often unless there is storm damage. Unlike mowing which you may have to do weekly, trimming trees may only need to be done once or twice a year to keep them beautiful.

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