When Should You Have A Pro Trim A Tree?

Paying for tree trimming services can feel a bit excessive for a task that looks simple. Tree trimming, though, can be a dangerous and challenging task under a lot of circumstances. While you might be confident enough to handle something like a smaller branch that's creating problems, there are many instances where it's best to leave the job to a pro. Let's look at 5 times when you should turn to a tree trimming services provider for help. [Read More]

Diseased Crab Apple, Palm, And Pine Trees: Should You Prune It?

If your crab apple, palm, or pine tree shows signs of disease, you may wonder if the tree needs a good pruning to get rid of the infection. You may want to wait until you prune your tree. Some trees require special considerations before you do anything to them. The information below can give you a better understanding about your tree's plight and whether or not trimming is the best option for it. [Read More]