Diseases And Insects That Strike Gray Birch Trees – And How A Tree Service Can Help

Gray birches are tall, narrow trees with distinctive ashy bark and glossy green leaves that turn into a beautiful yellow display in the fall. Gray birches can grow and thrive in a wide variety of soils and thus are great ornamental trees for yards with poorer soil types. If you choose a gray birch tree for your yard, regular maintenance and treating any potential problems immediately can help keep your tree looking beautiful for longer. [Read More]

Diseases And Insects That Strike Black Birch Trees – And How To Prevent Further Damage

Black birch trees are typically found in the Appalachian area of the United States. The trees are tall and narrow with hard, dark bark and glossy green leaves that turn bright yellow in autumn. A distinctive feature of black birch is the strong wintergreen scent the branches give off when broken. All in all, a black birch can add a beautiful and fragrant touch to your home's landscaping. All trees are vulnerable to tree diseases and insect infestations. [Read More]

What Are Some Pesticide-Free Ways To Eliminate Your Yard's Tick Population?

If you've grown concerned about the number of ticks you find yourself plucking from your dog -- or yourself -- after some time in the yard, you may be investigating your various tick control options. While commercial pesticides can often be effective, they're also highly toxic, and you're likely reluctant to apply this type of treatment to the grass where your pets and children play. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to reduce your yard's tick population without resorting to chemicals. [Read More]

3 Tree Issues That Strike The American Holly – And How A Tree Service Can Help

The American holly is a mid-sized evergreen tree with grayish bark, clusters of yellow-green leaves, and small red berry-shaped fruits. An American holly is a great alternative to the traditional evergreens particularly if you are working with a smaller yard that couldn't accommodate a sprawling pine tree. If you have an American holly tree or wish to add the tree to your yard, it is important to learn proper maintenance to keep the tree looking healthy for years to come. [Read More]