When Should You Have A Pro Trim A Tree?

Paying for tree trimming services can feel a bit excessive for a task that looks simple. Tree trimming, though, can be a dangerous and challenging task under a lot of circumstances. While you might be confident enough to handle something like a smaller branch that's creating problems, there are many instances where it's best to leave the job to a pro. Let's look at 5 times when you should turn to a tree trimming services provider for help.

You're Not Confident You Can Do the Job

Even if you have the tools to do the job, there comes a point where a lack of confidence in your ability is a sign to hire someone. For example, a branch might be close to an electricity line. In such circumstances, it's not worth the risk to deal with the problem. Let someone who is licensed and insured handle the situation.

The Tree Isn't in the Best Health

Tree trimming can buy a few more years for an older tree or sickly tree. Hacking away at the tree without knowing what you're doing, though, could hasten its demise. If you're not sure whether your actions would make the situation better or worse, let a pro look at it.

Tree Height

Depending on the species of the tree, branches can stretch pretty high. Most folks don't have the equipment needed to reach higher branches, and you shouldn't take chances using something like an extension ladder to do the work on your own. A pro will have access to the equipment needed to safely get at the higher portions of the tree.

A Lot of Branches Have Been Damaged

Particularly after storms, a tree can end up looking rough. If there is damage all over the place, such as broken branches tangled up with other broken branches, you might want to leave the job to a tree trimming company. You should be especially wary if the branches are mixed up between trees.

Proximity to Someone Else's Property

Even if the problem looks ideal for a confident DIYer, there's a point where an uninsured and unlicensed person is getting too close to someone else's property. If the branch hangs over a neighbor's property, for example, it's best to let a professional trim it. This applies even if the neighbor has given you permission. If something happens to their property, asking a pro to do the job takes a lot of the risk off of you.

For more information about tree trimming, contact a local trimming service.