Get Rid Of That Problematic Tree And Stump

The right trees throughout your yard can do many great things for you and your home. The first most noticeable thing they can do is to help your yard look beautiful. Also, they provide shade in the yard and can even help keep your house cooler in the summer by providing exterior walls with protection from the sun's direct rays. The trees also add some protection from winds as well as sound. Fruit trees can do these things while also offering you some juicy, fresh fruit right outside your door. However, there are some trees that can cause problems for you. Here is some information on different ways a tree can prove to be problematic for you and who you should have remove the troublesome trees and stumps: 

One tree may stand out oddly from the others

There may be trees throughout your yard that complement each other. Then, there is one that stands out in some way. Sometimes, a single tree that stands out can be a positive thing, and it can be a nice focal point. Other times, it can stand out in a way that makes it more of an eyesore. If you have a single tree like this that's actually detracting from the look of your yard, then you should think about having it removed. 

A tree may be sick

If you have a tree in your yard that has an infestation or a disease, then acting quickly can help you to save the other trees in your yard from ending up with the same problem. There are a lot of insects that can pose a risk to trees, but the most serious is the wood-boring insects because they bore deep into the tree and weaken its integrity while often introducing disease organisms to the tree. There are many diseases that can kill trees and some can move on to other trees quickly, and this is why you want to act fast when it comes to tree removal. 

The stump should go with the tree

You don't want to make the mistake of leaving the tree stump. For one thing, the stump will affect the whole look of that part of the yard. It also creates a tripping hazard, damages lawn care equipment, and attracts termites. Also, whatever was wrong with the tree will still be there, so the same risk of infestation or disease will still be present.

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