6 Signs That Your Tree Needs The Help Of An Arborist

Trees are hardy. But sometimes they can suffer in urban settings because of the need to compete for space with buildings and other plants and trees. If your tree starts to struggle, then you need to be able to recognize that the time has come to call on professional help. The best professional help you can get for your tree comes in the form of a qualified arborist.

Arborists are trained to carry out many different types of tree care, like trimming, fertilizing, treating disease, and removing trees safely. If you notice any of the following signs, then your tree may need the professional assistance of an arborist.

1. Low hanging branches

If your tree has several low-hanging branches, this could prove dangerous to you and anyone else moving around on your property. This is especially true at night or in bad weather conditions. An arborist can remove low-hanging branches from your tree without harming your tree in the process.

2. Your tree has become structurally unsound

If your tree has developed a hollow in the trunk or a branch union appears about ready to break, then an arborist can help. An arborist can assess your tree's structure and determine whether to use bracing and cabling to stabilize the tree, remove a part of the tree, or even the entire tree.

3. Your tree looks sickly

If your tree looks sick, but you don't know what disease is to blame, then a qualified arborist can help you. An arborist can diagnose the disease affecting your tree and then treat your tree to cure the disease or at least lessen its effects.

4. Your tree is encroaching on overhead powerlines

If your tree's canopy is growing dangerously close to overhead powerlines, then you need to trim those branches back. This is a potentially dangerous job, so you need the most qualified person for the job, an arborist.

5. A storm has damaged your tree

If a storm has damaged your tree, then you'll need to patch it up, remove debris and broken branches, and monitor your tree's health. A tree service can clear up your yard, check your tree for damage, and teach you how to assess your tree's health over the coming months and years.

6. You have noticed pests in your tree's canopy

DIY pest control can harm trees if done incorrectly. If you have noticed pests in your tree's canopy, call an arborist for tree service to identify and kill the pests in a manner that won't harm your tree or the surrounding plants.